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Who is eligible to hold a .com.au or .net.au domain?

Please see the eligible domain holders page for a full list.

Can an overseas business hold a .com.au or .net.au domain?

Yes, under particular circumstances. For example, if the business has an Australian trademark or has applied for an Australian trademark. Please see the eligible domain holders page for more details.

Ownership transfer and payment

What is the process for purchasing and taking ownership of a domain?

Buying a domain name from eBranding.com.au is very straightforward and we will be happy to assist you at each step along the way.

Check out our infographic for a simple explanation or see the details below.

1 – Tax invoice and payment

When you purchase a domain name from eBranding.com.au, you will receive a tax invoice which includes payment instructions.

2 – Change of Registrant (CoR)

Once payment is confirmed (this can be almost instant or take up to one business day depending on your bank), we will initiate a ‘Change of Registrant’ (CoR) process. We cover the CoR fees as part of your purchase.

A CoR is required in order to change the legal owner of a .au domain name. This is a simple process that changes the Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian Company Number (ACN), or other eligibility type associated with the domain.

You will receive an automated email from our parent business (The Lucky Country) with a link for updating the details associated with the domain. We will be notified by email once you have updated the details and will then approve the CoR.

3 – Domain transfer

Once the CoR process has been completed, we will send you what is known as an ‘authorisation code’ or ‘EPP code’. This will allow you to initiate the domain transfer at your registrar of choice. Transferring .com.au domains is free of charge.

Once you have initiated the transfer process, we will receive an automated email that will allow us to authorise the transfer, which will speed up the process considerably. Transfers are usually completed within a matter of hours, depending on the receiving registrar.

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept payments by bank transfer, also known as electronic funds transfer (EFT). Your tax invoice will include full details of our Australian bank account.

In limited circumstances we will accept other payment methods or use an intermediary escrow service, but this is at our discretion and additional fees will apply.

We can also offer payment plans to ease the upfront cost, as we understand this can be a factor for the preferred payment method.

Do you accept PayPal?

Sorry, we do not offer PayPal as a payment method due to the fees imposed and the risks associated with chargebacks and account fraud.

Can domains be purchased through secure escrow?

Yes, for higher value purchases we can complete the transaction through an intermediary escrow service if you wish.

For international buyers, we use the escrow services of Escrow.com. Transactions can be in either US dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR). The buyer is responsible for covering the escrow fees.

For local (Australian) buyers, we use the escrow services of CheckVault. Transactions are in Australian dollars (AUD). The buyer is responsible for covering the escrow fees.

Is the price for the domain a one time cost?

Yes, payment of the invoice gives you full control of the domain license through your registrar of choice and is a once-off payment.

The only exception is cases where you have requested and we have agreed to multiple payments over a period of time, in which case the payment schedule will dictate the number of payments.

Once you take ownership of the domain license, you will be responsible for renewing the domain prior to the end of the registration period, which is a fixed two year period for .au domains. The renewal cost starts at around $25 for two years of registration, depending on the registrar. The renewal fee must be paid biannually in order to retain control of the domain license.

Does the price include transfer and Change of Registrant (CoR) fees?

Yes, the price includes the ‘Change of Registrant’ (CoR) fees and .au transfers are free of charge.

Do you charge Goods and Services Tax (GST)?

Yes, we are an Australian business and we do charge Goods and Services Tax (GST), which is 10%.

The GST amount will be included in the total price and will also be shown as an individual item in your invoice, so that you can see the GST component.

If you are an international buyer (business operating outside of Australia and payment to be made from a non-Australian bank account), then GST will not apply.

Do you offer payment plans over a period of time?

Yes, we can offer payment plans (at no extra cost) for transactions above $10,000. This allows you to pay for the domain in monthly instalments (e.g. over six months), which can help with managing cash flow.

Upon receipt of the first payment, we will change the nameservers (or ‘DNS records’) to those of your choice, or forward the domain for you to the URL of your choice. This will allow you to make use of the domain, for example for website hosting or email accounts, prior to completion of the agreed payment schedule.

The fine print:

Once the payment schedule has been agreed to, payments must be made in accordance with that schedule. If payments are not made in accordance with the schedule, we will take reasonable steps to contact the buyer and may offer extensions of time (we understand that things can and do go wrong). If overdue payments are not received following our reasonable attempts to contact the buyer, then the previous payments will be considered lease payments and the agreement will end without the domain license being transferred to the buyer.

If having made one or more payments, you decide you no longer wish to purchase the domain, we will consider payments made as lease payments and will not hold you to the remaining payments in the agreed schedule. We understand that circumstances change.

How much should I offer for the domain name that I want?

There are often multiple parties interested in the same domain name, so we highly recommend that you put forward your best offer to avoid disappointment.

People have missed out on securing their ideal domain name, because they opened with a ‘low-ball offer’ and another party subsequently bought the domain name. It happens far more often than you may think!

As each domain name is unique, individual prices can vary significantly; ranging from as little as $1,000 up to $100,000 or more.

Given our cost base, we can’t entertain offers below $1,000 for any of the domain names in our marketplace. If your budget allocation is below that level, we recommend looking at alternative domain names.

Why should I buy a .au domain name?

Our quick guide – Why you should invest in a great .au domain – outlines some of the key reasons why you should act now to secure your perfect domain name.

What do these technical terms mean?

We know that jargon can be confusing! We have provided explanations of some of the common terms and processes below. Please let us know if you have questions about a term not covered below.

What is an ‘authorisation code’?

An ‘authorisation code’, also known as a ‘domain name password’ or ‘EPP code’ is required in order to transfer a .au domain from one registrar to another. The authorisation code is important and should be kept secure. Once you have control of the domain license (i.e. after the domain has been transferred to you), the authorisation code can be obtained at any time from your registrar account.

What is the ‘Change of Registrant’ (CoR) process?

A Change of Registrant (CoR) is required in order to change the legal owner of a .au domain name. The process is required in order to change the Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian Company Number (ACN), or other eligibility type associated with the domain.

When you buy a .au domain from eBranding.com.au we will initiate and pay the fees for the CoR. It is a fairly simple process and is usually conducted entirely online.

For a more detailed explanation of the process, see this helpful diagram from our wholesale registry provider:

CoR process

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