Why you should invest in a great .au domain


.com.au is where Australian businesses operate online

  • Australian consumers will expect to find you on a .com.au address, because that’s where Australian businesses operate online.
  • Over 3 million .au domains have already been registered (there were 3,078,701 registered .au domains as at 31 December 2016). To put that in perspective, there were 2.1 million actively trading businesses in Australia as at June 2015.
    Sources: https://www.ausregistry.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/BTD_Issue_8.pdf and http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/mf/8165.0
  • The aftermarket for .au domain names is thriving. Astute businesses and investors are snapping up this precious online real estate. If you don’t act now – your competitors will beat you to the best domains.
  • Here’s some examples of public .au domain sales:
    • Flowers.com.au ($153,000)
    • InvestmentProperty.com.au ($125,001)
    • Cruises.com.au ($110,000)
    • Deals.com.au ($100,000+)
    • Basketball.com.au ($90,000)
    • Toys.com.au ($82,350)
    • Hobart.com.au ($65,000)
    • Koala.com.au ($50,000)
    • Florists.com.au (~$45,000)
    • BitCoin.com.au ($39,930)
    • Hardware.com.au ($33,333)
    • GigGuide.com.au ($33,050)
    • SEO.com.au ($33,000)
    • Training.com.au ($30,110)
    • MySuper.com.au ($28,001)
    • Cloud.com.au ($27,500)
    • MLB.com.au ($25,000)
    • Rugs.com.au ($22,110)
    • HealthInsurer.com.au ($22,000)
    • Appliances.com.au ($20,888)
    • GiftCard.com.au ($19,800)
    • Wines.com.au ($19,000)
    • Caps.com.au ($18,205)
    • CarParts.com.au ($18,011)
    • Sold.com.au ($16,903)
    • Mailman.com.au ($16,500)
    • Dressage.com.au ($16,319)
    • CompareLoans.com.au ($16,200)
    • BusinessFinance.com.au ($16,200)
    • Insurance.net.au ($16,000)
    • Stocks.com.au ($15,555)
    • CreditCard.net.au ($15,001)
    • FirstChoice.com.au ($15,000)
    • Lighting.com.au ($15,000)

This is just a small fraction of the market activity, as the majority of .au sales are not made public. It’s a classic ‘iceberg scenario’, meaning you can only see the tip of the iceberg (what’s visible above the water).

A great .au domain will give you a huge competitive advantage


  • A great .au domain name from eBranding.com.au will give you a huge advantage over your competitors.
  • Buying the perfect domain for your business is like a retailer securing the best location in the high street. You place yourself in a prime position for customer traffic and gain instant credibility.
  • A great domain name helps your target market to find you – instead of your competitors.
  • Numerous studies have shown that consumers have more trust in brands using high quality domain names. The right domain name will deliver greater conversions and response rates for your business.
  • A great domain name is easier for consumers to remember. Increased brand recognition and recall will reduce your ongoing marketing costs.

Accelerate your business growth


Case study: CarLoans.com.au

A great example of a business reaping the rewards of a terrific domain name is CarLoans.com.au.

This Australian company switched from a brandable domain ‘Beep.com.au’ to the category-defining domain ‘CarLoans.com.au’. The results of their rebrand were staggering, with turnover going from $60 million to $100 million in just five months.

The company recognised the value in a great domain and achieved explosive growth for their business as a direct result of buying CarLoans.com.au.

Here are some quotes from the company founder:

“We have not done anything different, we’ve only changed our domain name and that has seen this huge growth for our business.”

Source: https://www.ausregistry.com.au/premium-com-au-domain-names-a-valuable-asset-for-australian-businesses

“By having the best domain name, people naturally assumed we were the biggest and the best, but even I had no idea of the immediate uplift we would experience. Every conversion metric we had increased. We got more website visitors for less, more leads from those visitors and, ultimately, more sales.

We no longer had to educate people what ‘beep’ was, as our new domain name CarLoans.com.au was literally descriptive of the business.

No explanation was required. Overnight, we became a major player.”

Source: http://www.startupsmart.com.au/advice/business-planning/how-getting-the-right-domain-name-grew-my-business-overnight/

eCommerce is massive in Australia


If you don’t have an online presence – you’re missing out

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