We can help you select the perfect brand name that will resonate with your target market.

Name Selection Service

Within three business days, you’ll receive a professionally presented report (pdf file) with your business, product or service name options.

Our standard Name Selection Service includes at least six name options.

Tailored to your business

We tailor the name options to your business needs, using your answers to five simple questions:

1 – What is (or will be) your business offering?

What product or service is or will be offered to your target market?

2 – Who is (or will be) your target market?

This could be as specific as ‘stay at home parents’ or as broad as ‘consumers’.

3 – What is (or will be) the geographical focus for your business offering?

Examples: locally (e.g. Melbourne), nationally (e.g. Australia), overseas (e.g. the United Kingdom), or globally (e.g. lots of places!).

4- Do you have an idea of the brand personality you want to convey?

This might sound a bit ridiculous, but it can be helpful to think about the type of personality that your brand has or you would like it to have. For example, if your business sells toys, your business’s brand persona may be ‘fun and friendly’. As another example, if your business offers financial services, then you may wish to convey a brand personality that’s ‘professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy’.

5 – Do you have any words or terms that you would like included or excluded from the name options?

For example, if you sell certified organic products, you may want the word ‘organic’ included in some of the name options.

Domain name, business name, trademark and social media evaluations

As part of our Name Selection Service, we undertake a series of evaluations on the capacity for intellectual property protection of the name options.

The following evaluations are included as part of our standard Name Selection Service.

Australian business name availability check

We undertake checks through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission for Australian business name availability and potential conflicts with existing business names.

Australian trademark check

We undertake checks for pending and registered Australian trademarks through IP Australia.

Social media usernames

We undertake username availability checks for the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook (Facebook business page);
  • Twitter (Twitter username or handle); and
  • Instagram (Instagram username).

The fine print

The standard Name Selection Service does not include:

  • the registration or purchase of a domain name;
  • the registration of a business name;
  • the registration of a trademark; or
  • the creation of social media accounts.

However, your report will include information that will help you to undertake those activities once you’ve chosen your name!

Get your perfect name now!

Our standard Name Selection Service is priced at just $990 (GST inclusive).

Upon receipt of payment, we’ll provide your Name Selection Service report within three business days.

Contact us today to get started.

Comprehensive Name Selection Service

Our Comprehensive Name Selection Service is customised to suit the needs of each client.

Pricing is based on the services required beyond those offered in our standard Name Selection Service.

Contact us today to discuss your branding requirements.