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Purchase the premium domain names: and

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What are the next steps after you buy the domain name?

1 – Change of Registrant (process only applies for the domain name)

Following your purchase, we’ll initiate a ‘Change of Registrant’ (CoR) process for the domain name. We cover the CoR fees as part of your purchase.

A CoR is required in order to change the legal owner of a domain name. This is a simple process that changes the Australian Business Number (ABN) or other eligibility type associated with the domain name.

Shortly after your purchase (the same day), you’ll soon receive an automated email from our wholesale registrar account (The Lucky Country) with a link for updating the details associated with the domain name. We’ll be notified by email once you’ve updated the details and will approve the CoR.

It’s best to do the CoR before transferring the domain name to your registrar of choice, otherwise you would have to initiate and pay for the CoR yourself.

2 – Domain name transfer

Once the CoR process has been completed, we’ll send you what’s known as an ‘authorisation code’ or ‘EPP code’. This will allow you to initiate the domain name transfer at your registrar of choice. Transferring domain names is free of charge.

We’re here to help

The whole process is very straightforward, mostly automated, and of course we’ll be happy to assist throughout.